There is no more important consideration when choosing a warehouse facility than location, location, location. There are many reasons to choose a Detroit warehouse facility like Lutheran Brothers in Detroit, Michigan.

There are many warehouse facilities from which to choose when your business needs secure, safe warehousing for your products. Lutheran Brothers, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, understands that geography is one of the most important factors. A strategically-placed warehouse facility is one that offers easy access to water, truck and rail services and Lutheran Brothers provides that as well as warehouse best practices in Michigan that their customers have come to expect.  

If you’re looking to expand your reach and your footprint when it comes to storage and shipping, it can be cost-prohibitive for your company to build its own warehouse facilities. Because of this, outsourcing to a warehousing provider like Lutheran Brothers makes sense both from an effective and an economic standpoint. When you contract with us, you and your products are strategically located in Detroit.

Reasons To Choose A Detroit Warehouse Facility

In case you’re not aware of the benefits of warehousing in Detroit, here are a few:

  1. Rail transportation. The city of Detroit boasts one of the biggest intermodal centers in the country. In fact, there are four out of seven Class 1 railroads operating in Detroit.
  2. Water transportation. Detroit has access to the St. Lawrence, a river that is the connection from the Great Lakes waterways to the Atlantic Ocean. The waterway sees more than 200 million metric tons of freight being transported on it annually. Water transport is one of the most cost-effective forms of transportation for your freight.
  3.  Truck and over-the-road transportation. Our warehouse facility is ideal for fast transportation by truck, and many companies ship through Detroit from the midwest, northeast and a few southern states.

Utilizing the warehouse space at Lutheran Brothers in Detroit helps you optimize your supply chain for cost and speed.

Detroit is a hub for transportation that is experiencing continued growth  because it’s home to the Ambassador Bridge – a structure that connects Canada and the United States. More than a quarter of all traded goods are transported across the Ambassador Bridge annually.

When you’re looking for secure, easy-to-access, quality, experienced storage professionals, contact Lutheran Brothers.

If you are looking for clean, secure and economical warehouse space to lease and operate your business in with your own personnel, look no further than Lutheran Brothers in Detroit, Michigan.