When it comes to warehousing and warehousing best practices, Lutheran Brothers in Detroit, Michigan, understands the benefits of correct warehouse practices and offers 4 best practice tips and strategies that our experienced team employs.

Warehouse best practices include:

  1. Those that improve efficiency
  2. Organization enhancement
  3. Coordination
  4. Quality
  5. Warehouse environment and security

 Lutheran Brothers Offer 4 Warehouse Best Practice Tips

Here are the best practice warehouse tips that can improve operations at your warehouse facility – and we follow these strategies to ensure the safe storage of your valuable products.

  1. Cross-docking matters. When a warehouse facility utilizes cross-docking, the team is able to unload, reload and ship your products to their new destination. If cross-docking isn’t offered, it means your products will be offloaded, stored in a staging space and then reloaded to the new trailer. Cross-docking benefits the warehouse operator and the product owner.
  2. The warehouse operator needs to be hands-on – as the Lutheran Brothers team has been for more than half a century. Our experienced team is actively involved in all stages and aspects of storage and warehousing. We are continually innovating our practices as a way to help optimize the investment you’ve made in warehousing with us.
  3. Automation and RFID tags help track items on their journey through the warehouse. The tags offer a streamlined process and ensure no product is misplaced or shelved incorrectly within the warehouse facility. 
  4. Safety matters for your product as well as for our warehouse staff. In a warehouse, there is a lot of heavy machinery, and that increases the potential for injury. Lutheran Brothers utilize workplace safety protocols to ensure our team stays safe.

These warehouse best practices that we implement and carry out daily improve our efficiency and ensure your products are with experienced and safety-minded professionals.

When you’re looking for secure, easy-to-access, quality, experienced storage professionals, contact Lutheran Brothers.

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