At Lutheran Brothers in Detroit, Michigan, we are warehouse professionals with more than 50 years of experience. Our customers come to us for our warehousing knowledge and insight and because we understand the benefits of ocean freighting for our customers and their cargo.

We warehouse goods for our customers in secure locations until the goods are required as part of the customer’s supply chain. Lutheran Brothers customers store complete, finished projects and components for products in a supply chain. Our warehouse facilities help a business maintain a steady flow of inventory without that business having to dedicate space to warehouse all its products on-site – this could be both costly and inefficient for the business owner for a variety of reasons.

What Are The Benefits Of Ocean Freight?

Transporting goods on ships and across the country and globe is cost-effective. Ocean freighting is an ideal way to move large quantities of products quickly and easily over long distances, as compared to other modes of transportation. Using a warehouse that has easy access to water – as Lutheran Brothers warehouses do – increases the benefits we offer our customers.

Some of the benefits of ocean freighting include:

  1. Enhanced efficiency. When a customer uses a Lutheran Brothers warehouse for product storage, they are giving themselves the advantage of having a central location for receiving, storing and shipping their goods. Reducing the time it takes for a customer to get products to market increases customer satisfaction and enhances our customer’s bottom line.
  2. Ocean freight is a more consistent and reliable way to ship goods.
  3. Bottom line savings. When warehousing goods at a site with readily available and easy access to water, it might reduce the need for multiple warehouse storage sites.
  4. More room for product. Freighters and ships can carry larger loads than other transportation like airplanes, trucks and trains.
  5. Ocean shipping usually provides more flexible shipping schedules. This benefits business, especially if they need to pivot and make changes to shipping and receiving schedules.
  6. Reliability matters. Ocean freight is generally considered one of the more reliable ways to ship goods. Ships are considered stable, and their large size makes them less likely to be damaged during the shipping process.

Warehousing and ocean freight provide benefits for the businesses we work with because they know they’re reaping improved supply chain benefits, and that gives the business a competitive advantage.

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