Lutheran Brothers, a company with more than 50 years in business, is offering clean and secure storage space for office furniture. Storage and warehouse storage for office furniture in Detroit, Michigan at Lutheran Brothers Warehouse Corporation provides peace-of-mind that your furniture will be warehoused in a facility that is climate-controlled, clean and secure.

We have stored a multitude of office furniture for a many office installation company. They have come to Lutheran Brothers because they know we have the space available, that we are easily accessible and when they need to access their supplies, they can.

Furniture Storage Facility in Michigan

Lutheran Brothers is conveniently located in Corktown, just outside of downtown Detroit, and near all major freeways.

The Lutheran Brothers Warehouse Corporation has logistically-ideal locations – right off major highways and waterways. The company has a dedicated, experienced and professional team available to handle any warehousing need your company has.

We work with large and small businesses and our Lutheran Brothers team can help:

  1. Reduce your costs
  2. Increase efficiencies
  3. Free up your on-site space

Outsourcing your warehousing operations opens up space in your site and at your locations and also provides peace of mind that your items will be housed in our more than 300,00 square feet of clean, secure and temperature/humidity-controlled space.

When you’re looking for secure, easy-to-access, quality, experienced storage professionals, contact Lutheran Brothers.

If you are looking for clean, secure and economical warehouse space to lease and operate your business in with your own personnel, look no further